Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh yeah...

so....before I was updating you guys on my running, well....I ran the Race for the Cure last Saturday and ran about 3/4 of it! It was a great experience!! Some asked "Did you have fun?" and I replied each time "No! I don't run for fun...i run because I need to!" hahaha but it was definitely a neat experience with the other 15,000 people downtown! I would love to do more but they are expensive! I can run for free and shop with the registration money :)   I may do a few more though!! Thanks to my friends Lacy, Amy, and Amanda for encouraging me to do it!!! 

(i have not run since....haha... probably not good!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We love Paula Deen!!!

Well, I am still learning the blogging world but I have now added a few people to follow but that took like a week to figure out! hahaha So last night, Lauren,Amanda, Damaris, and myself met Paula Deen at Books- a- Million at Brookwood Mall! It was definitely an experience!!! Menopausal women everywhere....including the manager at Books-a-Million who was not enjoying her job. But, anything is made fun with my girls! I am so blessed to have amazing women of God around me that I know will be there for me and we will do life together. It will definitely be a fun ride! 

My heart has been so full lately! I am so thankful  just for the things that the Lord has blessed me with....first of all, I am thankful for this faithfulness in loving me even when I don't give Him the time he deserves from me! He is so faithful to love me and provide our every need...He is so good! Secondly, he gave me the most amazing husband who loves me unconditionally but loves God even more and seeks after His heart everyday. I can't believe I am so blessed to do life with someone who loves life like he does and makes my heart so full. I love him so much, sometimes I feel like i may explode :)  And then I have a family that loves me and is there for Hayes and I all the time...some are not as fortunate and I remind myself of that blessing a lot! Also, to be a part of Church of the Highlands is something that is so important to us! I am so honored to be apart of a church that is truly changing the world! Also, we are seeing so many come to know the Lord weekly and that is what it is all about!!!!! I also truly enjoy serving on the worship team. There is truly nothing more amazing than leading people to the throne of God and seeing people's hearts and lives changed in the presence of the Almighty (can you tell it is something that is so fulfilling to me??) And lastly, I am so thankful for my little house! We were in the processing of building a new home and trying to sell our house, but obviously that was not God's plans for now....and I am so ok with that!!! I love my little 2br/2bth townhouse and am so thankful that we are comfortable and provided for! I will be content until the Lord brings something else along!!

Ok, so I guess I just made up for like 3 weeks of not blogging but those are the things on my heart lately!!!!