Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh yeah...

so....before I was updating you guys on my running, well....I ran the Race for the Cure last Saturday and ran about 3/4 of it! It was a great experience!! Some asked "Did you have fun?" and I replied each time "No! I don't run for fun...i run because I need to!" hahaha but it was definitely a neat experience with the other 15,000 people downtown! I would love to do more but they are expensive! I can run for free and shop with the registration money :)   I may do a few more though!! Thanks to my friends Lacy, Amy, and Amanda for encouraging me to do it!!! 

(i have not run since....haha... probably not good!)

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  1. congrats brooke! keep it up! it's not too late to run the race with us tomorrow morning :) haha