Sunday, December 6, 2009


that is me laughing at how long it has been since I posted something! Well, as you all know I have obviously had that sweet baby by now :) And, he was 4 months old on Friday! Time is FLYING by and I love him more and more everyday! He ended up coming three weeks early (well, the docs brought him on then because I had toximia) and he was still 9lbs 7 oz. so we are glad he came early!!! He is now a whopping 17lbs 1 oz. at 4 months old and growing more and more each day! He's a big boy!!!

Anyway, I could talk all day about him but I don't have the time nor do you want to hear all of it :)
I wanted to write on here about something I registered for today and would love to win a month long boot camp experience at Extreme Fit Training in Birmingham. I am currently doing Pilates classes (trying to get pre-baby body back) but this would totally rock if I could win this and you could register to win also! Go to.. to register to win a free month also!!!

Well, off to take a nap for a bit and then off to a baby shower!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wow...should I even blog?

I am so bad at this! Oh well, I will keep trying! 
So, of course my hubby is home by now and man am I glad he is! 3 weeks and a day is a LONG time.... I'm not a fan! But they had an amazing trip and through 24/7 and Switch that met up with them in Peru, they were able to get the Book of Hope into more than 50,000 hands personally! That is so cool to me! So different from our last two trips to China. Don't get me wrong, they were great, but in a communist country where you don't even speak the name of Jesus out loud, we definitely did not get to minister to that many people! I think it was a great experience for them! 

So I am almost 32 weeks and the doc keeps saying he is measuring big! So this could mean two things...Cohen will either make his grand entrance a little early (my preference) OR well you know, I may just have a big'n on my hands! Either way I can't wait to meet the little guy! He is so busy inside of me everyday, I can't wait to see him, kiss him, smell him, cuddle him! It will be great! Also, on Sunday I picked up from my aunt the baby cradle that my grandfather built almost 30 years ago that all of the grandchildren slept in! I am pretty excited about it! I have to go get some fabric to recover the mattress and the sides of it but it is so pretty!

Well, that is enough for now! Hope you all are well! Enjoy this beautiful summer day! Maybe in a least thats what I am thinking!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 weeks and counting...

Well, Hayes and the team (24/7) left yesterday at about noon to head to Peru for a little over 3 weeks :( It is the first time since Hayes has been the Director of 24/7 that I have not gone on the overseas trip with the team so it was a little weird saying good-bye and not going with them. BUT....I don't think that sleeping on boats and in hammocks in villages would suit an almost 7 month pregnant woman too well!! So they are on this one without me! It is so hard to say goodbye but I am so excited to see what God is going to do in them and through them while they are there. I am already missing my hubby but it usually gets rough about a week and a half in....but thankfully at that point I will be heading to the beach with some girlfriends so that should be a nice break and a lot of fun!! 

We went to the doctor on Monday before Hayes left so that he will not have to miss an appointment and Cohen is doing well! His heartbeat was 164 i think? Something like that...and I also passed my glucose test! Praise the Lord!! For anyone who knows me, you know I LOVE sweets and I believe that if I was told I could not eat sugar for the rest of the pregnancy I may have thrown a fit right there in the doctors office! :) But, I passed with a 116 so I was really happy! Also, I saw another doc this time and as he said "well, you are measuring a little bigger than normal, but nothing to worry about." GREAT!!!! hahahaha I have a feeling I am not getting a tiny baby! Also, the cashier at Bruno's asked me yesterday if I was about to deliver and I politely responded, "No, I still have about 13 weeks...thanks though!" I guess I am huge! :) Whatever, I have a sweet little baby boy inside of me that I can not wait to hold, cuddle, and kiss!!! I can't wait!!

Well, I'm sure I will update again before Hayes gets home!


Monday, May 11, 2009

25 weeks and registered...

Hayes and I went and registered today and was fun and tiring. We spent probably 2 1/2 hours or so in Babies R Us and a large portion of that was spent watching Hayes try to figure out how to pack up the pack and play! It was humorous! He would not give up..and of course he figured it out! It was fun though and a little surreal to think that we will have a little guy here soon that will be using all of that stuff!! So exciting! We were looking at car seats and it hit Hayes, he said "oh my gosh baby, we will have a little boy in that car seat soon!" he got so cute and excited! Crazy to think how our life is going to change but I am very excited to meet Cohen and see who he looks like and see what his personality is going to be. 

So, Hayes leaves a week from tomorrow for 22 days on a mission trip to Peru. This is the first spring trip that 24/7 has taken since we have been on staff with them that I have not been on...and that means this is the longest I will have been without pray hard!!! I am not so good at being away from him for any extended period of time but I am going to try to be a big girl and deal with it well (we will see how that goes). I am going to try to keep busy and I am going to the beach for almost a week of that time, so that should help a lot! 

So, as you know Mother's Day was yesterday and was exciting to have a first Mother's Day. In some people's mind, my first Mother's Day will be next year, but like I said to a few that said that to me yesterday, "Well then whose is he?" pointing to my stomach. Last time I checked I am as much of a mother right now as anyone is. I am carrying Cohen ( a living human being) 24/7, I am incubating him, helping him grow, feeding him, and spending lots of QT with just him and I am pretty sure I am already a mother! And my sweet husband had me some beautiful flowers and a very sweet note waiting when I woke up yesterday morning!!! It was fun!!!

Well, I guess that is all of the updates for now!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Amazing Years!!!

To my love:

This entry is dedicated to my precious, loving, gentle, caring husband that amazes me daily....I can not believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with him! Today we celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage! In some ways I feel like we got married yesterday, but in others, I feel like we have always been together! I have to say that marriage has far exceeded my expectations and it is mainly due to how easy Hayes is to love. The Lord has blessed our time together and has drawn us so close as husband and wife. We have done some amazing things together in the last three years and that just makes me so excited to see what the next 70 are going to be like!!! He is my best friend, my comforter, my laugh at the end of a long day, my biggest fan, my lover, and my rock!!! I love what God has done in his life since I met him and what He continues to do daily. I love that I am a part of ministry with him and I get to stand beside him as he pursues his passion. I can't wait to see how amazing he is going to be as a papa to our children. I know they will adore him just like I do. He will be the coolest, most fun papa in the whole world! I mean really....who would not want Hayes Kearbey to be their dad? I love the way that he loves me and puts me first. He is always thinking about me and is extremely selfless. I love how he loves to help other people and is always willing to lend a hand. He is a man of integrity and character and I am so glad God picked him out JUST FOR ME!!! So this is to you hun.... Happy Anniversary Baby!! I love you more than I could ever tell you!

My cup runneth over!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cohen Hayes Kearbey it is!!!

So...MUCH to our surprise after many many people including Hayes and myself were convinced we were having a girl..... it is in fact a BOY! We are thrilled!! It was amazing seeing our little guy on that big screen. He was so busy yesterday moving around like crazy...busy? Where would he get all that energy from?? hmm.. :)  Anyway, he is measuring 9 days bigger but the doc says everything looks great!!! It made it so much more real to actually see him moving in there and to know we can now say "he"!!! Cohen Hayes will be his name. We had thought it would be Cohen Pearce (Pearce is a family name) but since this is the first born and it is a son.... We are going to have him named after his amazing papa! Hayes is so excited. He has already started talking about what position he will play in baseball!! Poor kid...he has no choice! :)  Also, I think to really make it sink in that it is a boy I HAD to go buy a couple of things yesterday. Thank goodness for Old Navy's $5 baby sale...I did not break the bank. In fact, I only bought 3 things that did include his first pair of jeans (0-3mon) and I might add that they are sooooo cute!!!!

Well, more updates to come but we are so excited about little Cohen joining our family in August!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

26 years ago today...

The man of my dreams entered the world, and man am I glad he did!! This is just a short post to honor my hubby and the amazing man he is! 

I am so thankful to the Lord for a man that loves Him and seeks after His heart everyday. He loves the Lord and desires His will for our lives and that is such a comforting feeling. He makes me feel safe and loved and never leaves me wondering if he will stick with me. At a recent marriage conference at the church, Pastor Chris talked about the safety in a marriage of knowing that the "D" word is not even in your vocabulary as a couple, and that leaving is not an option. I thought to myself then, that is exactly how I feel. I know that no matter what happens in our lives, Hayes WILL be here. I love that marriage is an adventure and there is NO ONE else in this entire world that could make it more fun than Hayes Kearbey. I can't wait to begin this new stage in our lives as! (it still gets me sometimes) I know he will be the most amazing papa any child could ask for. He makes me laugh daily and never ceases to let me know that I am loved and cherished by him. I am so proud of where he has come from and the testimony that he has of what the Lord has done in his life and how he is walking out that testimony each and every day. I love the way that he influences people and how his leadership is evident in the lives that he touches. He makes me so proud to be "Mrs. Hayes Kearbey" and I am so glad that God has blessed me with the prince charming that I always dreamed of. you babe on your birthday...know that you are loved, respected, and honored by me!!!

My cup runneth over!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am so bad at this...

I get so down on myself when I see others who blog like every day...or least every other..I mean mine has been almost 2 weeks! Oh well, I guess I will get better with time :)

So we are now less than 2 weeks away from finding out what we are having and oh man is it killing me to wait. I am very low in the patience area. I mean, I have patience when it comes to old people walking too slow, or babies crying because they feel bad. But I have always had this bad habit I guess you could call it of when I get something on my mind and I want it..I want it now!  For instance..... 
When I was in I think the 5th grade I decided I needed a hair cut, and I needed it now! So my mom called the regular lady that usually cut my hair and she did now have any appointments for maybe a day or two....I insisted on getting my hair cut right away. I convinced my mom to take me to Head Start down the street for just a trim ( know where this story is going). I probably bugged her so much she thought "fine, we'll go get your hair cut..." So, without needing to explain, the trim that I wanted turned into the worst hair cut of my life...SERIOUSLY. My hair was one length in the front and like 5 in. shorter in the back and it resulted in having to get it "fixed" then meaning...looking like a boy! I cried for days!!!!!

All this to say is that I guess God is helping me in my patience area because I have NO CHOICE but to wait until the 24th to find out. Well, except for the idea my friend Whitney gave me on here to go to Virginia College and they will do them earlier for free.....see, I am learning to be patient...I am waiting until the 24th. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

almost 15 weeks...

Well, we went to the doc on Tues for our check up and "lil' Kearb's" heartbeat went from 180 last time to 156. As my mother-in-law said, the baby is just getting comfortable and settling in for awhile! :) That's a fun thought! It will be a while....but the baby (soon we will know what to call it) will be here before we know it! We find out at the next appointment what we are having and I am soooo excited!!! March 24th 10am! 

All is well in the Kearbey house as of now....just loving life and staying busy!!! I hope you all are well to! I pray that God  is blessing each of you and becoming even more real to you everyday! He is faithful and I am so grateful for His grace in my life!!

have a!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Valentine Surprise!

Ok, so I told you that I was going to surprise my sweet, hard-working hubby for Valentine's Day and well...I did!!

I am a very frugal person...the people who know me know this is true. I almost did not do this little surprise for the thought that kept running through my head "I should not be spending this money!". But after much thought, I realized that I can't always let money stand in the way of doing things special. Now I am not saying that special things always cost money, in fact, some of my most favorite things in the world are free (such as...going to the park on a beautiful day with my hubby and my puppy and soon to be baby, having a picnic outside, cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, and simply just laying around on a lazy day and having some quality time with the hubs) and those are just a few. But, I do want to make memories and I knew that this would be a fun way to celebrate the last Valentine's that it is truly "just the two of us" ( now I have that song in my head :) so....

First of all, after talking with Hayes' boss I got him off of work all day Sunday so that we could hang has been AWHILE. So we got up, made a big breakfast, went to the park with Dakota (our dog) on a beautiful 70 degree weather day, and then to my grandmother's for lunch. Then I took him to Ross Bridge Resort where I had us a room for the night (and oh my gosh were those beds sooo comfortable) and I had him 9 holes of golf the next day at noon! He was so excited and it was a much needed "reconnect time" for both of us! We had a blast!!!

I love my hubby so much and I am so glad to have a man that loves me like he does. He sent me the sweetest message on Valentine's Day expressing his love for me and how there is no one else in the world he would rather spend his life with then me....yeah...I cried!! He is such an amazing husband and it just makes me so excited to see how great he will be as a father! I'll stop with the mushiness! hehe  So...I am now 13.2 weeks and we go back to the doc a week from today! THEN...the next appt we will find out the sex of the baby!!! I can hardly wait!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Will you be my Valentine....a little late?

Yeah so Valentine's day for us is a little hectic. Hayes being the Director of 24/7 + the biggest event that 24/7 puts on all year being the same week as Valentines = not a lot of time for Valentine's celebrations for us! :) But that's ok.... we will just celebrate a little late. I have a little something up my sleeve for this Valentine's weekend but I will not post it JUST in case Hayes happens to read this! It is a surprise for my sweet hubby who has been working so hard the last few weeks on the dinner theater. But I AM looking forward to sharing the details of our fun celebration afterwards (well maybe not ALL of the details :) 

oh and the baby bump.... yeah, it is growing...I will have to post pics soon...


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maternity jeans are expensive...

Yes, i had to go ahead and buy some maternity jeans and wow were they expensive. For all who know me, you know I am a bargain shopper all the time! Well, I tried on jeans at Old Navy, Target, and the sale rack at  A Pea in the Pod (formerly MiMi Maternity), but none of them fit well at all. So, while my sweet husband sat in the dressing room with me as I tried on about 17 pair of jeans (no lie), and the only ones that fit well were of course the expensive ones, he told me that he wanted to buy me the jeans that I we did! Oh well, I have a feeling I will get some good wear out of them!!! We had fun though....very much an eye opener and reminder that I have a little life GROWING inside of me!! I'm so excited!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thump thump..thump thump...

Yes!! We heard the heartbeat today! It was an amazing experience! I am 10 weeks and 2 days and they moved the due date up a whopping 1 day today. So the due date is now August 23rd....and I will receive any prayers for maybe.. mid August??? :) haha

It was so surreal to hear that tiny heartbeat and to know that he/she is living inside of me! I do have to say though that I already can tell that this is "our baby" in the way that he/she is very energetic and on the move....180 beats per minute... definitely a little Hayes and Brooke. 

We will find out what it is the end of March and I will admit that it is KILLING me...I am so ready to know! I want to of course start planning the nursery more specifically, buying unbelievably cute clothes, and most importantly calling him/her by name when I am praying. But I am trying to enjoy every minute! I am so blessed to be feeling so great physically...if this is how pregnancy is I can do this 10 more times (hahaha totally kidding!)

Headed to bed...goodnight!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 1/2 weeks and counting....

hahaha...i know I have a LONG way to go but I have to say that I am enjoying pregnancy so far! God has truly blessed me with feeling really good about 85% of the time. The other 15% is just pure exhaustion and a little bit of uncomfort in the lower back/tailbone area....but I can not complain!! 

Tuesday morning at 10 am Hayes and I will go again to the doctor and this time we should HEAR the heartbeat this time! I am super excited! But I have to say I am a getting a little impatient....I want to know the sex of the baby sooooo bad! I know patience is a virtue but it is just not something that I have a ton of! I honestly am just ready to know and call it by name when I am praying for the wee one! Anyway, I know, time flies and I am truly enjoying each step. I really want to enjoy for the next 8 months it just being Hayes and I. I want to soak it all up!!! We are planning a beach trip the beginning of May before he goes on the 3 week mission trip to Peru and before I am as big as a house!!!! (I have a feeling there will be a short weekend trip to the beach before the baby though!)

Life is good... and very full!!! We are still believing the Lord for some things but I am standing on His promises that He is faithful....He knows what we need....and what we don't need!!! 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

and then there were three...

So it won't just be the two of us anymore come August and we are ecstatic! Hayes is so cute and giddy...I can't wait until he holds our little bundle of joy and see him turn into a wonderful papa!! 

On December the 16th, around 7 am, I woke up while Hayes was at workouts with 24/7 and took a pregnancy test....I almost did not(trying to convince myself I was not pregnant as not to get my hopes up), but I did and well...there was definitely 2 lines and after checking the paper that had the directions to the pregnancy test on it probably 12 times, I did realize that 2 lines meant I WAS PREGNANT!! So....I began pacing the bedroom in disbelief. So, about 30 min. later Hayes got home (and because we had some friends living with us at the time and had to keep quiet), and I informed him that I had him a cup of coffee waiting on him on the vanity of the bathroom. He walked back to the room as did I, and he picked up his coffee cup to take a sip and I had hidden the pregnancy test underneath of the cup. He looked down and then said "What does that mean?" and I just shook my head yes! He then returned his cup to the same position on the counter and gave it one more try...picked it up to see if he was dreaming and to see if the test was still positive....and was!! :)  We then hugged, I cried, and we sat in shock for the next oh 20 minutes! It was so fun to see how excited Hayes got immediately!!

So, since it was a week and a half before Christmas we had to keep it a secret from our family until Christmas....cause what better Christmas gift then to tell our parents we were giving them a grandchild for Christmas!!!! So, with a few friends knowing and being threatened with their lives to keep the secret (haha) we had the amazing Kellen Coldiron to take some great pictures of us so that that could be the way we told our families....they are great! (I will try to post them here but I have never done that so we will see if I can make that happen). Our families are SOO excited especially since this is the first grandchild on the Kearbey side!

January 6th, 2009 We went for our first doctors appt. and we were able to see the heartbeat! How amazing that experience was!!!! It made it all so real to see that little life that is living inside of me with that tiny heartbeat! Wow...and of course I cried!!!  We were given the due date of August 24th! And yes....I wanted a summer baby!! I know many people think I am crazy but the clothes are so much cuter...hahaha! Also, people keep saying "What are you going to do? It is so hot in the summer?" and my reply is now "This is 2009 people, not 1909...we have an amazing invention called air conditioning!!" hahaha I will just be inside a lot!!! hahahaha

Our next appointment is on January 27th and we should hear the heart beat then! 

We are thrilled for when "lil Kearb" as Hayes loves to say, will join our family!!