Monday, May 11, 2009

25 weeks and registered...

Hayes and I went and registered today and was fun and tiring. We spent probably 2 1/2 hours or so in Babies R Us and a large portion of that was spent watching Hayes try to figure out how to pack up the pack and play! It was humorous! He would not give up..and of course he figured it out! It was fun though and a little surreal to think that we will have a little guy here soon that will be using all of that stuff!! So exciting! We were looking at car seats and it hit Hayes, he said "oh my gosh baby, we will have a little boy in that car seat soon!" he got so cute and excited! Crazy to think how our life is going to change but I am very excited to meet Cohen and see who he looks like and see what his personality is going to be. 

So, Hayes leaves a week from tomorrow for 22 days on a mission trip to Peru. This is the first spring trip that 24/7 has taken since we have been on staff with them that I have not been on...and that means this is the longest I will have been without pray hard!!! I am not so good at being away from him for any extended period of time but I am going to try to be a big girl and deal with it well (we will see how that goes). I am going to try to keep busy and I am going to the beach for almost a week of that time, so that should help a lot! 

So, as you know Mother's Day was yesterday and was exciting to have a first Mother's Day. In some people's mind, my first Mother's Day will be next year, but like I said to a few that said that to me yesterday, "Well then whose is he?" pointing to my stomach. Last time I checked I am as much of a mother right now as anyone is. I am carrying Cohen ( a living human being) 24/7, I am incubating him, helping him grow, feeding him, and spending lots of QT with just him and I am pretty sure I am already a mother! And my sweet husband had me some beautiful flowers and a very sweet note waiting when I woke up yesterday morning!!! It was fun!!!

Well, I guess that is all of the updates for now!!!!

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  1. I'll help keep you busy while Hayes is gone! We'll be having so much fun that time will fly by! :) You and Dakota can seriously stay in our guest room any time too!