Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 weeks and counting...

Well, Hayes and the team (24/7) left yesterday at about noon to head to Peru for a little over 3 weeks :( It is the first time since Hayes has been the Director of 24/7 that I have not gone on the overseas trip with the team so it was a little weird saying good-bye and not going with them. BUT....I don't think that sleeping on boats and in hammocks in villages would suit an almost 7 month pregnant woman too well!! So they are on this one without me! It is so hard to say goodbye but I am so excited to see what God is going to do in them and through them while they are there. I am already missing my hubby but it usually gets rough about a week and a half in....but thankfully at that point I will be heading to the beach with some girlfriends so that should be a nice break and a lot of fun!! 

We went to the doctor on Monday before Hayes left so that he will not have to miss an appointment and Cohen is doing well! His heartbeat was 164 i think? Something like that...and I also passed my glucose test! Praise the Lord!! For anyone who knows me, you know I LOVE sweets and I believe that if I was told I could not eat sugar for the rest of the pregnancy I may have thrown a fit right there in the doctors office! :) But, I passed with a 116 so I was really happy! Also, I saw another doc this time and as he said "well, you are measuring a little bigger than normal, but nothing to worry about." GREAT!!!! hahahaha I have a feeling I am not getting a tiny baby! Also, the cashier at Bruno's asked me yesterday if I was about to deliver and I politely responded, "No, I still have about 13 weeks...thanks though!" I guess I am huge! :) Whatever, I have a sweet little baby boy inside of me that I can not wait to hold, cuddle, and kiss!!! I can't wait!!

Well, I'm sure I will update again before Hayes gets home!


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