Saturday, January 10, 2009

and then there were three...

So it won't just be the two of us anymore come August and we are ecstatic! Hayes is so cute and giddy...I can't wait until he holds our little bundle of joy and see him turn into a wonderful papa!! 

On December the 16th, around 7 am, I woke up while Hayes was at workouts with 24/7 and took a pregnancy test....I almost did not(trying to convince myself I was not pregnant as not to get my hopes up), but I did and well...there was definitely 2 lines and after checking the paper that had the directions to the pregnancy test on it probably 12 times, I did realize that 2 lines meant I WAS PREGNANT!! So....I began pacing the bedroom in disbelief. So, about 30 min. later Hayes got home (and because we had some friends living with us at the time and had to keep quiet), and I informed him that I had him a cup of coffee waiting on him on the vanity of the bathroom. He walked back to the room as did I, and he picked up his coffee cup to take a sip and I had hidden the pregnancy test underneath of the cup. He looked down and then said "What does that mean?" and I just shook my head yes! He then returned his cup to the same position on the counter and gave it one more try...picked it up to see if he was dreaming and to see if the test was still positive....and was!! :)  We then hugged, I cried, and we sat in shock for the next oh 20 minutes! It was so fun to see how excited Hayes got immediately!!

So, since it was a week and a half before Christmas we had to keep it a secret from our family until Christmas....cause what better Christmas gift then to tell our parents we were giving them a grandchild for Christmas!!!! So, with a few friends knowing and being threatened with their lives to keep the secret (haha) we had the amazing Kellen Coldiron to take some great pictures of us so that that could be the way we told our families....they are great! (I will try to post them here but I have never done that so we will see if I can make that happen). Our families are SOO excited especially since this is the first grandchild on the Kearbey side!

January 6th, 2009 We went for our first doctors appt. and we were able to see the heartbeat! How amazing that experience was!!!! It made it all so real to see that little life that is living inside of me with that tiny heartbeat! Wow...and of course I cried!!!  We were given the due date of August 24th! And yes....I wanted a summer baby!! I know many people think I am crazy but the clothes are so much cuter...hahaha! Also, people keep saying "What are you going to do? It is so hot in the summer?" and my reply is now "This is 2009 people, not 1909...we have an amazing invention called air conditioning!!" hahaha I will just be inside a lot!!! hahahaha

Our next appointment is on January 27th and we should hear the heart beat then! 

We are thrilled for when "lil Kearb" as Hayes loves to say, will join our family!!


  1. I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to read the updates!

  2. Yay! Welcome to the crazy fun world of motherhood! I'm so excited for you. Have fun and enjoy every minute, God has given you a very special gift.

    Your big sista, Sam

  3. That's awesome - congrats! And I love the pictures :)