Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thump thump..thump thump...

Yes!! We heard the heartbeat today! It was an amazing experience! I am 10 weeks and 2 days and they moved the due date up a whopping 1 day today. So the due date is now August 23rd....and I will receive any prayers for maybe.. mid August??? :) haha

It was so surreal to hear that tiny heartbeat and to know that he/she is living inside of me! I do have to say though that I already can tell that this is "our baby" in the way that he/she is very energetic and on the move....180 beats per minute... definitely a little Hayes and Brooke. 

We will find out what it is the end of March and I will admit that it is KILLING me...I am so ready to know! I want to of course start planning the nursery more specifically, buying unbelievably cute clothes, and most importantly calling him/her by name when I am praying. But I am trying to enjoy every minute! I am so blessed to be feeling so great physically...if this is how pregnancy is I can do this 10 more times (hahaha totally kidding!)

Headed to bed...goodnight!

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