Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maternity jeans are expensive...

Yes, i had to go ahead and buy some maternity jeans and wow were they expensive. For all who know me, you know I am a bargain shopper all the time! Well, I tried on jeans at Old Navy, Target, and the sale rack at  A Pea in the Pod (formerly MiMi Maternity), but none of them fit well at all. So, while my sweet husband sat in the dressing room with me as I tried on about 17 pair of jeans (no lie), and the only ones that fit well were of course the expensive ones, he told me that he wanted to buy me the jeans that I liked...so we did! Oh well, I have a feeling I will get some good wear out of them!!! We had fun though....very much an eye opener and reminder that I have a little life GROWING inside of me!! I'm so excited!!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. you will be VERY glad you invested! i didn't learn my lesson til the 3rd time around...get good jeans that fit and that you like!! :-)

  2. Hey Brooke- I found your blog through Lindsay McClellan's... I am glad to be able to keep up with you! Congratulations again! I got the expensive ones with my first pregnancy and wore them through both pregnancies and will wear them again- definitely worth the money!

  3. i gave in and bought me some recently too. i hope they get some good wear out of them!!