Friday, February 27, 2009

almost 15 weeks...

Well, we went to the doc on Tues for our check up and "lil' Kearb's" heartbeat went from 180 last time to 156. As my mother-in-law said, the baby is just getting comfortable and settling in for awhile! :) That's a fun thought! It will be a while....but the baby (soon we will know what to call it) will be here before we know it! We find out at the next appointment what we are having and I am soooo excited!!! March 24th 10am! 

All is well in the Kearbey house as of now....just loving life and staying busy!!! I hope you all are well to! I pray that God  is blessing each of you and becoming even more real to you everyday! He is faithful and I am so grateful for His grace in my life!!

have a!!


  1. so excited for you Brooke! If you get tired of waiting or just want to sneak a "preview" of your precious baby- Virginia College in Birmingham does free Ultrasounds on Thursdays. All you have to have is something showing you are under a doctors supervision (like the copy you get when you pay or appt. card etc). They are begging for people to come- sometimes they don't have enough for all their students to get practice with the ultrasound! Just thought I would let you know! Glad you are feeling so great!~whitney weldon mosley

  2. Hey Brooke! I am so thrilled for you guys! It seems like just yesterday we were talking at Melanie's wedding about babies and now you are pregnant with your first! Yay :) Being a mommy is the most amazing blessing. I will be praying for an incredible pregnancy for you. Can't wait to find out with you through your blog whether you are having a boy or girl! Hope your feeling great! Love, Christy