Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am so bad at this...

I get so down on myself when I see others who blog like every day...or least every other..I mean mine has been almost 2 weeks! Oh well, I guess I will get better with time :)

So we are now less than 2 weeks away from finding out what we are having and oh man is it killing me to wait. I am very low in the patience area. I mean, I have patience when it comes to old people walking too slow, or babies crying because they feel bad. But I have always had this bad habit I guess you could call it of when I get something on my mind and I want it..I want it now!  For instance..... 
When I was in I think the 5th grade I decided I needed a hair cut, and I needed it now! So my mom called the regular lady that usually cut my hair and she did now have any appointments for maybe a day or two....I insisted on getting my hair cut right away. I convinced my mom to take me to Head Start down the street for just a trim ( know where this story is going). I probably bugged her so much she thought "fine, we'll go get your hair cut..." So, without needing to explain, the trim that I wanted turned into the worst hair cut of my life...SERIOUSLY. My hair was one length in the front and like 5 in. shorter in the back and it resulted in having to get it "fixed" then meaning...looking like a boy! I cried for days!!!!!

All this to say is that I guess God is helping me in my patience area because I have NO CHOICE but to wait until the 24th to find out. Well, except for the idea my friend Whitney gave me on here to go to Virginia College and they will do them earlier for free.....see, I am learning to be patient...I am waiting until the 24th. :)

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  1. wow you are learning patience! WHen our dr. told us to go if we couldn't wait we were dialing the number on the way out of the parking deck!! Hahaha, I know what you mean though. I have a similar problem, and unfortunately I was a freshman in college when I just couldn't wait to get a 'trim' on my hair and went to a janky place- ended up with "bowl cut" seriously- it was awful and even more unfortunate- I was competing in prelims at the time. So if you ever saw the pic of me in the Student Life Center at UAB from when I was Miss UAB- NO I did NOT want that haircut!! It was still growing out from October (that pic was the 1st of March!!) Can't wait to hear what baby Kearbey will be!! BTW- don't compare your blog to others! I went almost 2 1/2 months without a post... those who want to know about your happenings and keep updated are patient! have an awesome week! ~whitney