Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cohen Hayes Kearbey it is!!!

So...MUCH to our surprise after many many people including Hayes and myself were convinced we were having a girl..... it is in fact a BOY! We are thrilled!! It was amazing seeing our little guy on that big screen. He was so busy yesterday moving around like crazy...busy? Where would he get all that energy from?? hmm.. :)  Anyway, he is measuring 9 days bigger but the doc says everything looks great!!! It made it so much more real to actually see him moving in there and to know we can now say "he"!!! Cohen Hayes will be his name. We had thought it would be Cohen Pearce (Pearce is a family name) but since this is the first born and it is a son.... We are going to have him named after his amazing papa! Hayes is so excited. He has already started talking about what position he will play in baseball!! Poor kid...he has no choice! :)  Also, I think to really make it sink in that it is a boy I HAD to go buy a couple of things yesterday. Thank goodness for Old Navy's $5 baby sale...I did not break the bank. In fact, I only bought 3 things that did include his first pair of jeans (0-3mon) and I might add that they are sooooo cute!!!!

Well, more updates to come but we are so excited about little Cohen joining our family in August!!


  1. awesome! So excited for you Brooke! I love his name!! It does make it feel much more 'real' when you see him on the screen!! Congrats! Can't wait for our little boys to meet! ~Whitney

  2. Cohen is such an adorable name! I absolutely love that name. Keep us updated!! Also check out my blog! I gave you an award!!